DOMA Costa Rica Los Lajas


DOMA Costa Rica Los Lajas cover

Life is too short to drink crap coffee, or even average coffee, and therefore you should probably pick up a can of DOMA's Los Lajas. Hey, if you want a great cup of coffee, you probably have to make it yourself anyway.

This might not be a coffee for those who indeed like their Folgers in their cups, though I'm sure you're better than that. Open the can, and the Las Lajas aromas come jumping out in ways reminiscent of the ark scene in Raiders. There is a nice fruity nose in there and you can almost taste the coffee by its scent. "Potent" comes to mind.

We decided to French Press a batch, and pretty glorious it was. I realize those of us who aren't named Keaton often feel coffee is coffee and that it's either "good" or "bad", but Los Lajas should prove to doubters that there are as many nuances to coffee as there are to beer and wine.

Served black, the coffee comes across with a sweetness of cherries, and a nice round mouthfeel, slightly syrupy, just like advertised. There's a nice complexity to the whole picture, and something new seems to be picked up with each sip. In some ways there's almost a wine-like quality to the coffee. That's probably a good thing.

We also tried a cup with a splash of coconut milk which tasted pretty damn sweet, almost exotic

Los Lajas might not be a cheap pleasure -- about $16 at Main Market Co-op -- but it's well worth it. Try brewing up a French Press or espresso, and you won't want to go back.