DOMA Chemistry Of Love


DOMA Chemistry Of Love cover

(Note: We received Chemistry of Love from DOMA, no charge. Please skip the rest of the post if you think this will lead to nepotism or whatever.)

Chemistry of Love is an aptly named Ethiopian -- Valentine's Day and all -- from DOMA, which still is our favorite regional roaster. One can hope they eventually will get in a slap-fight with Manners over that position, but that's neither here nor there. As for the Ethiopians, we tend to quite enjoy them, and the Chemistry of Love is no different.

This is one of those refreshing coffees with a fruity, juicy body, and a good kick of berries. Typical for an Ethiopian, I suppose, but the profile here comes through as being distinct. We AeroPressed ours, and suspect it would go equally well through a French press. Roast level seems to be just on the south-side of medium.

(Its profile page has been removed from DOMA's website, so our excuses if we're off on any of that.)

Let it cool down just a bit, and strong notes of summer will come through. Really, it's that fruity. Like having a bunch of berries dancing on your tongue.

The Chemistry of Love is sold out from DOMA, but we assume the usual suspects have some cans of it left. Go out and grab one if you can find it; it won't let you down.

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