Dogfish Head Raison D'Extra


Wouldn’t it be a great world if Raison D'Etre had almost 19% ABV and came with a deeper, more complex flavor? Apparently Dogfish Head thought so, as Raison D'Extra is just that.

We’re talking a true flavor kick here. Hints of sweet raisin, without being sickeningly sweet, and nice smooth flavors of malt. What truly is impressive is the high alcohol content, which, while you certainly taste it, never overpowers the beer. In other words, this is not as crazy tasting as the Fort.

The D’Extra might not be a cheap date at $10 for a regular sized bottle, but it’s definitely a fun one. I’ve seen this around town, and picked one up at Huckleberry’s, and it’s definitely one beerheads should check out.