Dogfish Head Midas Touch


Dogfish Head Midas Touch cover

Yet another weird and wacky entry from Dogfish Head, Midas Touch is an herbed beer, and a good one at that. It might not be World Wide Stout, but then it's not as expensive either.

The beer pours with an extremely golden hue and a nice head, about a finger in size. Looking at it, it's a great looking ale, almost regal looking in all its gold colors. Should a beer ever be a MacGuffin in an Indiana Jones movie, I feel this one would be on top of the list.

A sniff reveals a mellow aroma of honey and herbs. In a sense it reminds me more of mead than beer, which is well and good, particularly seeing Dogfish Head itself describes it in a similar fashion.

Take a sip, and the beer laces your tongue comfortably. It's sweet up front, with the malts revealing themselves as the flavor peters out. Medium body and some minor carbonation makes Midas Touch instantly drinkable, and it's hard to believe this is a 9% ale. The alcohol is barely noticeable.

Overall I quite liked it, though the sweetness kind of got to me after a while. Half a bottle would have been enough. If I was a flaming sexist, I'd say this one would be a hit with ladies who prefer wine to beer. It has a feminine touch to it.

Recommended, certainly, though maybe not worth walking through the snow for.