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Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale 2011


Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale 2011 cover

So here's a rare miss from Deschutes, one that is frustratingly close to getting it right, but doesn't quite get there. It's too bad, and the idea behind this year's Twilight -- no relations -- is sound.

It pours a nice golden amber with a slight haze to it. A finger of head. In general it looks good, and the smell is there too. A bit of hops and orange on the nose give the impression of a summer-y beer, which of course it is.

Sadly, here is where the ale falls flat. The first flavor you pick up when it hits the tongue is orange, and that's great. It's refreshing straight up front. Right after, however, a strange soda-water like flavor takes over. It feels almost separated from the orange, and is very atypical from the standard Deschutes depth we have grown accustomed to. There are no traces of hops.

Overall, Twilight '11 isn't a horrible beer, it just lacks depth, and I'm not quite understanding the general lack of flavor. Disappointing, seriously, yet I still await Deschutes' new reserver which should be available within a few months.