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Deschutes The Abyss 2012


Deschutes The Abyss 2012 cover

Every year we write about The Abyss and every year we gush about it. This year is no different, but instead of repeating said gushing, let's just look at where you can get it and what you should do with it.

First, run down to Hill's for their vertical tasting. Here they have pours -- 8 oz I assume -- of the '10-'12 Abyssi for $10. The '10 came out as the favorite -- probably no surprise -- during our Panel Tasting, though the '12 was a close second.

Having done this vertical tasting before -- and based on a subsequent vertical bottle tasting -- the lesson seems to be that an Abyss reaches it peak after about two to three years. The latest edition will always be good, while the year old ones hit kind of a valley before they climb to their peak.

Feel free to consult this important looking figure for my take on the lifespan of the Abyss...

The Abyssycle

Anyway! Vertical tasting at Hill's -- very awesome. Grab a Scotch egg while you're at it, and go crazy.

In fact, if you want to go really, really crazy, we have heard Waddell's is providing the '12 not only by the pint, but by the growler too. Might be worth checking out, if only for making these truffles.

And finally, the bottles are starting to pop up in stores. We know for a fact both Huckleberry's and Yoke's have had them, and while supply will run low for a few weeks, you should easily be able to find the '12 in larger quantities within a few weeks.

Really, do stock up on the bottles. This year's edition is very good. A bit more hoppy than the last few years, and thus just a little bit different, but different in a good way. Drink one now, then age the rest. 2014 will be a glorious year.