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Chuao Chocolatier Honeycomb Bar


Chocolate: We like it, you like it, and those who don't like it are no friend of ours or yours. Or so we assume. Anyway!

We enjoy Chuao's products quite a bit -- find them at Chocolate Apothecary --  and their Honeycomb Bar is up there with some of the better bars we've tried as of late.

This one comes exactly as advertised -- a simple combination of dark chocolate with nibs of honeycomb in it. We couldn't find the cacao percentage on the package, but would guess it was around 60-65%. As with Chuao's other bars, the chocolate has a nice creamy texture to it, more so than what we're used to from most dark chocolates.

But, the caramelized honey is really what this bar is all about. Texture wise the bits aren't too dissimilar to toffee, but with that luscious -- their word, and an appropriate one at that -- sweetness you get from honeycomb. The combination of the chocolate and honey really is decadent, and half a bar should probably be more than enough to satisfy your cravings.

Grab a coffee stout or porter with a good backbone, pair it with the Honeycomb Bar, and you'll really feel what living is like.