Chipotle Chocolate donut at Zip's


Give Zip’s this, they know Spokane. And a subset of Spokane—more often than not the self proclaimed hipster (but don’t call them that, because that would be labeling them!)—really really really wants Spokane to be Portland. (I have my opinions on exactly why this is, but I won’t digress into that…) Zip’s knows this. So why not emulate Portland’s famed creative-yet-not-really-that-tasty Voodoo Doughnut when creating their new “unique” dessert menu?

Now, despite my promise not to digress, I will do just that. Somewhat strangely, perhaps ironically, enough, Portlanders who travel up here have a love affair with Zip’s. Why this is, I don’t know, as I never found that much to love about the place, but there you go.

Enough digressing… I tried the chipotle chocolate doughnut and have to say… Could be worse. Could also be better, but then again, this is Zip’s.



At first bite it really just tastes like a regular chocolate glazed doughnut. At second bite the light smokey flavors of the chipotle starts coming through. At third bite, the novelty wears off and you realize you’re eating a pretty standard grocery store-tier doughnut with some chipotle flavoring added. Sure, it’s all good in a sick and wrong way, but really, it’s nothing special.

It’s definitely an interesting little experiment from Zip’s, which served the doughnuts downtown at 3rd and Lincoln. But as a substitute for a real dessert, it falls short.

Maybe the bacon maple bar is better, but I’ve yet to try one of those. It might be easier just to buy a maple bar from Rosauers and fry up some bacon yourself.