Chill Spot Frozen Yogurt & More (Closed)


Spot has closed down.

Spokane is having Frozen Yogurt Fever, probably about five years after the rest of world, but we take what we can get. Froyo Earth opened last summer, and to great success at that, with Chill Spot not far behind with a rather unseasonal winter opening.

There are plenty of similarities between the two places. They both serve YoCream, which apparently is the It frozen yoghurt right now, and they are both self-serve, pay by the ounce establishments. The selections at both places rotates regularly.

As it stands, though, Chill Spot just edges out Froyo Earth.

For one thing, there are more choices of toppings, most of which probably will null and void any health benefit the yogurt may or may not have. Fruits, sauces, candy, chocolate... The u-shaped assembly area is stocked to the brim for all your topping needs.

There is also a dedicated food and coffee menu which we didn't sample, but it at least expands the choice. Which is good.

More importantly, the space here is just very inviting. Not that there's anything wrong with Froyo Earth's interiors, but they certainly seem a bit more generic than the darker, earthy tones of Chill Spot. A few TVs hang on the walls, and there's even a kids' corner.

It's hard to go wrong with good frozen yogurt, and Chill Spot does it well. This is probably our current top choice here in Spokane.