Cheetos Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeno

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Did you know there are roughly around twenty—that’s 20—variations of Cheetos in North America? Browsing the aisles, I can’t help but wonder what the difference really is between “Cheddar Jalapeno,” “Flamin’ Hot Cheese,” or, indeed, “Flamin’ Hot Cheese Lime.” Anyway. I did pick up a “Cheddar Jalapeno” and what do you know, there is some differences to be traced here…

crunchy, yo

... in that both the “Flamin’ Hot” versions are clearly superior. Hey, it surprised me, I figured it’d basically be the same thing. Thing is, though, that the “Flamin’ Hot” varieties seem to be rolled in some… red, hot, unholy, cheese powder… I don’t know, but I think that might be the technical term for it. “Cheddar Jalapeõ,” meanwhile, just tastes like regular Cheetos, sprinkled with some sort of jalapeno like powder. It’s not particularly spicy, and you’d probably be better off buying some Cheetos and spice them up yourself.

For spicy Cheetos, go with the “Flamin’ Hot” variations, which can almost burn your tongue off if you have too many. Go with the lime version if you want a bit of zest.