Change has come!


So here we are. January 20th, 2009. It will be remembered as a historical day. It will be remembered as the day change came. It will be remembered as a day of hope. It will be remembered as the day Taste Everything Once, the only restaurant guide in Spokane, launched the beta version of its new design.

It is true, Taste Everything Once, or TEO as we lovingly call it, has grown up and into a brand new version. No major testing has been performed yet, so if something looks wrong… Let us know in the comments. A few of the major changes:

  • Restaurant tags now show up in the main listing.

  • Easier access to core functions: all menu items and search functions are located “above the fold.”

  • New larger maps: Switched from Yahoo! maps to Google.

  • “Find near-by restaurants.” Click this, and the map will be populated with restaurants within roughly 1.5 mile radius.

And as time moves forward, we are also moving away from supporting older technologies. This means those of you who, for whatever crazy reason, are still using Internet Explorer 6 will be left behind. Also, recommended minimum screen resolution is 1024*768. In other words, nothing a five year old computer should have any issues running.

Later this week we also hope to put Spokane Food Blog in to the new design too.

So that’s it—run and beta test it now! Run and be part of change!

(Oh, and some guy is apparently moving into some house today also.)