Cassano Grocery


Cassano Grocery cover

We like their bistro; we like their grocery store.

Cassano is the type of international market we need to see more of in this town. Here you can find everything from an Italian deli to regular staples. A good mix of "international" and ordinary. Think El Mercado Del Pueblo or De Leon, just Italian.

And really, if you're looking for good pasta and sauces, this is a great place to go. Their gnocchi, for example, has a really nice flavor to it. Grab a bag from the freezer as well as some of their meat sauce and you have a five minute meal that's very tasty. Heck, get their meatballs too. They're excellent.

In some sense, I guess, these type of meals are the fastfood of the past. They take a bit more work than driving through McDonald's -- we're talking five minutes -- but assembling a quick pasta dish with Cassano ingredients is obviously a million times better tasting. (You might not agree, which would be kind of sad.) 

Anyway. Cassano carries pretty much everything you'd expect from a convenience store, plus a bunch of frozen and fresh Italian style groceries. The deli also has fresh sandwiches and other deli-style foods.

Check it out if you haven't.