Cannon Coffee & Cone


Well, we like the spot. We'd like it even more if we could sit down and enjoy the coffee in an actual cup, but, as there is currently no seating in the tiny space, that'd be difficult. Really, that's kind of sad, as the coffee here is very good, but I suppose we can just bring our KeepCups next time.

Lack of seating aside, Cannon is joining the slowly rising number of spots in town that seem to take coffee seriously. Anvil is the roaster of choice here, and you can get your coffee Chemex style -- if it's good enough for James Bond, it's good enough for you -- or as espresso. For the latter we did not spot any syrups around, which probably is for the best.

A nicely pulled espresso shot and an appropriate amount of foam made for a very pleasant cappuccino. That the proprietor defaulted to a small cup and made a crack about someone trying to order a 32 oz dry cappuccino are always good signs. 

The Chemexed coffee, too, tasted like it should. The barista had obviously taken his time with it and sometimes that's as simple as it needs to be. No need to add milk or sugar, the coffee spoke just fine for itself in a straightforward manner.

The space is tiny, and is painted in nice, calming shades. None of that dumb "shabby chic" decoration that is so, so, so overdone around here. Importantly they also serve Brain Freeze ice cream, and even have a coffee drink incorporating it. ("The Chuck", according to KXLY.)

We like Cannon Coffee. We'll be back. You, too, should try it, unless for some reason you want Tully's and everything that is wrong in the world to win.