Cana de Oveja

Product PlacementSpokane

We like the Murcia region of Spain; we like Main Market; we like cheese. And we really like Main Market for carrying good cheese from Murcia. Take the Caña de Oveja.

This is a creamy, soft ripened cheese, made from sheep's milk. It comes in the shape of a log, with a slightly off-white rind that has that tasty look to it. You know what I'm talking about -- you really can't beat a good rind. Further toward the clear and white center, not entirely dissimilar to Drunken Goat in appearance, the cheese starts to crumble, yet the texture stays surprisingly creamy.

The Caña de Oveja does not give a crazy flavor kick; it's a rather mild cheese, yet with a very nice freshness to it. While we never tried this, I would think the cheese would lend itself rather well to be baked, and served with tomato jam and toasted bread. This is a fairly common way to serve local cheeses in the Murcia region.

Pour yourself a fruitier beer -- Odell's Friek, or any other good lambic, would compliment the cheese nicely -- and enjoy yourself some Caña de Oveja. It's an excellent cheese, and Main Market continues to impress with the products they're adding to their cheese section.