Camelina Gold

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Ole World Oils is a Ritzville outfit that produces camelina oil. We can't say we knew a whole lot about the camelina seed -- frankly, we still don't know that much about it -- but when the producer was pimping its Camelina Gold at Main Market we decided to sample it. And it is good, and we think you should try it to.

While it might look like olive oil, camelina oil is quite a bit different. Its flavor is earthy with hints of Brussels sprout. That probably doesn't sound too appetizing, and a shot out of the bottle might not be the most pleasant thing in the world. The oil is, however, extremely versatile, and the fresh taste lends itself particularly well to dressings. Simply mix it with some mustard and shallots, and possibly some balsamic vinegar, and you have a good healthy dressing going.

"Healthy" is actually an important keyword here: The camelina oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which, of course, is good for the heart, and you also get a good dose of vitamin Es.

As the oil has a high smoke point it is a lot better for, say, sauteing than olive oil is.

Pick up a bottle at Main Market of Camelina Gold and try it yourself. We think you'll enjoy it; we're definitely fans.

The official Camelina Gold site has a good dip recipe that we recommend. It's pretty tasty.