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Cafe Marron

Restroom ChroniclesSpokane

I will admit that I felt like kind of a poser using Cafe Marron's facilities. You know when you walk into a restroom thinking "there's no way I'm good enough for this place," and start panicking? That was my initial reaction. Would I be able to figure out the sink? What if couldn't find the handle for the flush?

My mind was soon put to ease, however. The designer of these facilities had obviously taken both style and comfort in to consideration.

The slightly faux rustic look is calming, and the delicate dimmed lighting really allows for some thinking to take place while one is conducting business. This definitely has the feel of vintage European bathrooms, a "vibe" which really has become a favorite of mine. Florescent light and waterless urinals might work in a strictly utilitarian sense, but sometimes I just want to enjoy that little something extra. And Cafe Marron has just that; that certain je ne sais quoi.

These are Grade A facilities in other words. Highly recommended.