Butter in coffee is, apparently, Bulletproof


There is a movie called Butter currently streaming on Netflix. It's not a great movie, but it is amusing, largely due to the playground it provides for an all-star cast. I mean, it's about as funny as a movie about butter sculpting could be.

Butter, then, is great background noise while you're brewing Bulletproof coffee, seeing how you will want something thematical to take your mind of what you're doing: mixing coffee with butter.

We've mentioned this particular and peculiar type of coffee before, and were curious to try the self-proclaimed "cognitive enhancing recipe" ourselves. Butter in coffee. Butter. In. Coffee. The concept is mind-blowing.

So, grabbing the recipe from the official site (find measurements there) we brewed and mixed the Bulletproof as closely as we could:

  • The mold-free coffee: There are many opinions out there about the whole mold-free thing, and we suspect the Bulletproof Executive biggest concern is to sell its own coffee. Fair enough, but we wager DOMA's Chemistry of Love, which we French pressed, is mold-free enough.
  • Unsalted, grass-fed butter: Not a big deal.
  • MCT oil: This was, until Marco's post, optional. We don't know what changed over the last week, so we left it out. $29 for a bottle? We don't need to be that energized.

We blended the coffee and butter using a Vitamix until the head was foamy, and enjoy a couple of cups of buttered coffee.

The site lists the mixture's many health benefits, none of which we will comment on seeing we're not nutritionists.

What we can say is that it's pretty filling, and it does give you some energy. The six hour claim seems a bit excessive though; somewhere around 2-3 hours is more realistic, though the MCT might have made a difference there. I also experienced a bit of a headache, probably because I'm not used to this much butter.

Most importantly, does it taste good?

It was actually better than we expected. When mixed properly -- the step Marco truly messed up -- it just tastes like a thick latte, with a hint of butter at the end. In that sense, this might be for you if you like lattes where you really can't taste the coffee. And, of course, if you have the calories to spare, and subscribe to high-fat diets.

I'm not sure we'll try it again. We like the flavor of coffee, and you don't get much of that here. The Bulletproof method is, if nothing else, interesting. We recommend trying it if you're feeling a bit adventurous, or just have a hankering for butter.