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Buffalo Wild Wings


It just seemed sort of fitting trying Buffalo Wild Wings, what with Nuclear #Spiceawar breathing down our necks. Some of you might say «why did you bother?», and to you I can only say... Well, you were 100% in the right on that one.

Buffalo Wild Wings is located right in the heart of the Valley -- the mall -- which really seems sort of fitting. Here you have what might be the largest food-related locale I've ever set my foot in, every square foot filled to the brim with patrons I only can assume used to frequent the now gone (and probably forgotten) Hooters. 

And it's all here, everything you would come to expect from this type of spot. The blaring TV screens showing every sports game known to man; bros; oodles of fun (they'll sing birthday songs for you over the loudspeaker if you so wish) headed by a fun police. I kid you not. Buffalo Wild Wings has a certified fun police.

Fun police image


I could have forgiven all of this, had the place actually had wings that didn't downright suck. Sadly, that was just what we got, and forgiveness can not rain upon Buffalo Wild Wings.

We tried a couple of their sauces: the classic Hot and the Mango Habanero. The latter, we were told, was, despite what the menu suggested, the hottest sauce they had.

Which... I mean, it was fairly spicy-ish, but only a notch or two above Frank's. That should give you some indication how mild the Hot was.

Yet, I could possibly have forgiven even the lack of spiciness, had the sauces actually had a decent flavor to them. And that's the thing; I could barely taste any difference between them. They both had one overpowering quality, which is particularly bad when that is the flavor of salt. Pure sodium.

Bring a bottle of orange juice or something if you try Buffalo Wild Wings. You'll need that hit of potassium to balance out the sodium.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Buffalo Wild Wings is a completely average chain restaurant, and that's all well and good. It's a professionally run place, and the service is a notch or two above most Spokane spots, which is (sadly) the case with most chain restaurants.

The wings, though, are horrid, and Buffalo Wild Wings is sadly not a good training ground for Nuclear #Spiceawar.