Product PlacementSpokane

There are things, names, and places that really shouldn't exist. Restaurants where the letter "s" has been replaced with a "z", for example. There are probably many, many things these places should rethink when they generously throw that "z" around.

Furthermore, we feel Spokane has seen a rather aggressive bro-ification as of late. This is not a good thing. And with the abundance of z's and bros, we often see ourselves asking the question: "Should this questionable place or item exist?" Thus we have found it prudent to raise this biting question in our new category: Should this exist?

And it's a somewhat surprising inaugural item we're kicking it off with.

I mean, Huckleberry's has always maintained a certain amount of class. With a long-running "organic" and "natural" profile, they found themselves on the trendy bandwagon before it was either trendy or bandwagon-y. So you can imagine our surprise when we learned they have a new item called the Bro-itto.

Chew on that one for a while.


Yes, Huckleberry's has thrown themselves on the bro-ification train, and they're not shy about it.

Again. The Bro-itto.

The name could of course be forgiven (at least to a certain degree) if this breakfast burrito was decently OK. But it's not. It's bro-like to its core. Kudos to Huckleberry's for clinging tightly to the theme.

Actually, it is a bit surprising how bland and ugh this is, as the idea behind it is sound. An andouille sausage burrito filled with potatoes and a spicy sauce? It doesn't sound half bad.

Yet it just doesn't work. It's fairly spicy, thanks to the sauce, I'll give it that, but that's about the only flavor I could pick up on. How you can make a bland andouille sausage is beyond me, but by golly they managed to do just that. The potatoes? Hard as rock. And when the whole bro-sized shebang doesn't pass the basic burrito test --can it be eaten by hand? -- then there is little to recommend here.

I suppose one could argue the lack of a "z" is a bonus, but that can easily be fixed by ordering two Bro-ittoz.

So, should the Bro-itto exist? No. Neither the name nor the burrito should have seen the light of day. It's a gigantic, flavorless mess with a bad name. And that's not something we can get behind.