Bridgeport Hop Czar


Bridgeport Hop Czar cover

When the summer hits -- and I think it has, but I'm not about to let my guard down -- you can't go far wrong with an IPA, at least if you're a hop kind of guy/gal.

With a name like Hop Czar I definitely had certain expectations of Bridgeport's ale. And it is certainly is a good beer, just not quite as hoppy as the name suggests.

It pours a nice copper color with about a finger of semi-creamy head. The glass is laced fairly well. Give it a whiff and it smells extremely florally. The hops are definitely there.

Sip it, and the floral impression carries over with a mild citric hoppy flavor. It's definitely good and refreshing, but nowhere as hoppy as I had expected from a beer called the Hop Czar. Imperial IPAs tend to have a bit more kick than this.

Still. It is what it is, and it tastes good. It's a good ale for the summertime. Recommended for your rotation.