Brews on Washington, first impression


Usually we call a spade a spade and go ahead and review any spot we visit. Why not, really? It's a visit, a visit that costs money, and a visit we feel we should tell our four readers about. It's how we roll. Usually.

So why is Brews on Washington any different?

Brews, we found, served us good espresso drinks, but is also a place we really want to check out further, because it is promising well beyond just being another coffee spot. This could very well be the type of place Spokane sorely needs.

The coffee is as mentioned good. Very good, in fact. They use Tom Sawyer's Country Coffee, based in Spokane, and my Americano was of a higher quality than many to most downtown shops. This is a good thing, though frankly only a handful of spots downtown reaches a level I'd consider passable.

The former Cabin Coffee space has been re-tooled nicely, with a look some might call urban. It sort of reminded me of a spot we visited during our last trip to Granada, Spain.

Brews is open, we've been told, until at least 9pm in the evening and they also have a small but excellent selection of beers on tap, as well as a good number of bottles. They also carry Washington wines.

And all of that are things we want to try out, as the place feels like it could have a great vibe during the evening. Add to that a creative menu of sandwiches and other small plates, and we are intrigued. This seems like the type of spot downtown really has been in need of.

We're optimistic. Therefore we will be back at a later date, hoping that it will be exactly what we want it to be. For now, we'd recommend checking the place out. The coffee is good, if nothing else.