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Brasserie Dupont Saison Dupont


So here is a good beer for the summer, one that isn't a summer ale, yet is summer-y. You get the point.

The Saison Dupont pours a slightly cloudy golden color, with a frothy head. It's one of those beers that look refreshing, something a quick whiff will back up. The Belgian yeast and banana, with just a hint of spice, won't come up and smack you on the nose. Instead they just kind of hang around, delicately teasing the flavors.

Sip, and the aforementioned notes dominate, riding on a fruity base. This is a fairly mild saison, yet the flavors stick around. The crisp mouthfeel and somewhat heavy carbonation make it drinkable, and the flavors, almost wine like in some senses, could make this one a hit of sorts with those who might not be big beer drinkers.

At a relatively low 6.5% the Saison Dupont isn't one to floor you either, which always helps. Barbecue up some fish and crack one of these open, and you got yourself a good summer evening going.