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Brain Freeze Creamery


Oh sure, we're half way through October, but really, isn't that the best time to be reminded that there still is good ice cream out there? It shouldn't just be a summer thing, ice cream, and we feel this is as great of time as any to go get some.

You're probably already familiar with Brain Freeze, but in case you aren't, here's what to expect: Some classic flavors, some odd ones, all awesome. Our personal favorite is probably the salted caramel. This is, of course, a flavor most gourmet ice cream makers use, and often times quite well at that, but there's just something about Brain Freeze's version that can't be beat. Maybe it's the caramel; maybe it's the salt; our guess is that it's the proportions of the two. It all is very flavorful.

Their annual Black Butte ice creams is an example of the more original ones, though if you've ever had the beer, you would know why it works in ice cream. And who can forget their Spiceawar contribution, habanero mango.

Really, flavors aside, it's the ice cream part that's important, and the creamy goodness you get with Brain Freeze is stellar. We've had ice cream in many different towns, cities, countries, and Brain Freeze really ranks high up there as far as the basic ice cream goes. We should probably celebrate them more; Spokane is lucky to have Brain Freeze around.

You can find their ice cream in places like the Scoop and the Shop, and also cartons at Main Market. Make today a Brain Freeze day, and say "screw October"!