Brad's beer recipe


Remember the original SpoBREW? Of course you do! Some beers were well received, like Brad Hauge's ale. Here is his recipe and notes:

Basically I just wanted to rip off Stone's Cali-Belgique... I've had worse ideas!  After doing some research it seemed the safest way to do it is to brew a Stone IPA and just ferment it w/ a Belgian yeast.

My grain bill was:

10.5# Palel
1# Munich
1# Crystal 20L

1 oz. Warrior 60 minutes
1 oz. Centennial 15 minutes
1 oz. Centennial 5 minutes

THE KEY! Is to use WL Belgian Ale Blend #575 instead of just a regular ale yeast for an IPA


Dry Hop with 1 oz. Centennial in secondary for 12 days. 

I keg... so I just transferred it to keg, gave it 20psi for about 5 days... turned it down to 10psi and it sat there till the competition-- roughly 3 weeks.

That's it!

Also, for extract brewers (if anyone actually cares)

It'd be:

1# 2 Row Caramel 60 for steeping grains
6.5# Light Dry extract
1# Munich liquid extract