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Blair's Death Rain Buffalo Wing Chips

Product PlacementSpokane

Here at Team SpoCOOL we like the spicy things in life, and as far as hot sauces go, it's hard to beat Blair's. They even give you a little skull keychain with their bottles.

Blair's world domination of all things spicy has spilled over into the snack aisle, with their "Death Rain" series of spicy chips. We recently sampled the Buffalo Wing variety, and our impressions are highly favorable. Their motto is "Feel Alive!" and even at only medium heat, these things could probably wake the dead. It's not too hot, but a handful should heat up your mouth considerably.

The chips are thick cut and have a good crunch to them too. In other words, they have a higher quality feel than your typical grocery store Lay's or whatever. 

Many have tried to make buffalo wing chips, but for the most part they fall on their faces. Blair's, I think, nailed it. This actually tastes buffalo sauce like -- if not like chicken, but that's probably not a bad thing -- and gives you a good burn while eating. I'd recommend some blue cheese dressing for dipping.

Definitely a recommended bag of chips. Look for it at Huckleberry's and other fine purveyor of unhealthy snacks.