Big Sky Scape Goat Pale Ale


Big Sky Scape Goat Pale Ale cover

So here's the first ale we've tried this season that seems appropriately summer-y, even though it's a year-round. Following the current can-trend, Scape Goat is a mild pale, clocking in under 5% ABV which puts it firmly in the session-class.

It pours a clear amber which lives up to the beer's "pale" classification. A couple of fingers head gives it a nice inviting look.

Sniff it, and it seems to be fairly balanced, with the hops probably taking the front seat and the malt strapped in the kids' seat in the back. The taste reflects this pretty well too, and has a nice little citric kick to it. It's definitely refreshing and crisp, though the light mouthfeel and semi-heavy carbonation might scare some off.

The latter might be an issue if you were drinking this in December, but here in what we like to pretend is a summer month, it's not a bad thing.

Overall, Scape Goat is a good ale and one that should pair well with summer-grilling.