Big Sky Powder Hound Winter Ale 2013


Oh, I know this is an ale not everyone loves. I, however, stand behind it every year, and I will without hesitation name Powder Hound this season's best winter-six-pack beer. You may disagree, and that's fine. It's wrong, but still OK.

And I will repeat myself, like I do every year:

This is a welcoming beer, shining off with kind of a clear amber color and about a finger worth of unbashful head. 

Give it a whiff, and a semi-spicy hop hug comes jumping out at you, closely followed by caramel and malts. It smells like christmas and it tastes like christmas. As it well should.

Because the aforementioned flavors are here and they are here living the good life. Hops living in perfect harmony with brown sugar and nutmeg.

Caramel. Citrus. Christmas.

Powder Hound has it all, and that is a good step above what we've seen from Deschutes and its ilk this season. This is unapologetically a winter seasonal through and through. It might not be like those fancy beers which tries to be everything to everyone. It's just a simple seasonal with all the right flavors. It's here to say everything will be alright.

That's what a winter seasonal is supposed to be, and I will defend my love for Powder Hound until Deschutes releases its Red Chair all over our faces come spring.