Big Ballard Imperial IPA


Big Ballard Imperial IPA cover

Well, what do you know? A Redhook ale that doesn't suck? It has been a while, but here we go.

It pours a copper color with some head that's not particular thick. There is some lacing. A sniff reveals a pleasant sweet smell. 

The taste is quite good. If you don't like IPAs ou won't like this, and that's good as far as IPAs go. It's hoppy, not crazily so, but definitely a decent kick. There's also a mild citrus flavor which gives this a nice drinkability. At almost 9% ABV it's not a session beer, but it's a good outside sipping beer for the (alleged) summer. 

It's about friggin' time Redhook did something good again. I have taken their past few ales as personal insults. Here's hoping the Woodinville brewery will aim at making more beers like this, as opposed to their current dumbed down offerings.

(How's that for ending on a sour note?!)