Best of the Rest 2010


Best Restrooms

1. The Davenport
2. Nordstrom Cafe
3. Italia Trattoria
4. Twigs
5. Churchill's Steakhouse

I mean, seriously, you could eat a meal in the Davenport's restrooms. If they ever come into money problems they should just rent the facilities out as office space. It'd be awesome.

Best Places We Probably Should Have Included, and We're Sorry We Didn't :(

OK so there were probably quite a few other places that could have made the list, but really, I think we covered the majority. What we did forget about were Indian places like Taaj and Top of India. They should definitely have been listed under Cheap Eats. Some mentioned the exclusion of Bay Area Market under Markets, and that too should probably have been there.

There are more, but then again, you did have your chance to suggest places so we don't feel that badly about it. Top of India and Taaj are awesome though.

Best Guilty Pleasures

1. Pizza Rita
2. The Bulldog
3. Pizza Pipeline
4. Far West's Restroom
5. Celebration Cupcakes 

Some places didn't... fare too well, to put it mildly. With the amount of you who voted for Pizza Rita, though, it is obvious that we all are guilty of enjoying their $7 medium cardboard-crust-Velveeta-style pies. Hey, you get two pops included in the price!

Far West's restrooms are less than stellar, but then again, it's not like people shoot up in there or anything. Or so I assume. They could be worse is what I'm getting at!

And finally, Celebration Cupcakes? Come on, they're not that great but they aren't that bad either. That might have been the surprise low-vote.