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Best of Spokane


In November 2010 we opened the flood-gates and let you, the highly fastidious reader of SpoCOOL, decide what the Best of Spokane was in 2010. Hundreds of you voted, and these were the results, with convenient links to our reviews or posts. (You can also view our restaurant review index.)

Best Restaurant

1. Sante
2. Latah Bistro
3. Gordy's
4. Mizuna
5. Wild Sage
6. Luna 

Best Cheap Eats

1. Froyo Earth
2. Market St Bistro
3. El Mercado del Pueblo
4. Picabu Bistro
5. De Leon Foods
6. D Lish's

Best Pizza

1. Veraci
2. South Perry Pizza
3. Bennidito's Pizza
4. Flying Goat
5. Europa
6. David's Pizza 


1. Taste Cafe
2. Rockwood Bakery
3. Atticus Coffee and Gifts
4. Lindaman's
5. Madeleine's Cafe
6. Rocket Bakery 

Best Market

1. Rocket Market
2. Main Market Co-op
3. Bottles
4. Huckleberry's 
5. Eggers Meat
6. De Leon 

Best Farmers' Market

1. South Perry Farmers' Market
2. Spokane Farmers' Market
3. Liberty Lake Farmers' Market
4. Millwood Farmers' Market
5. Airway Heights Farmers' Market
6. Indoor Farmers' Market 

Best Bar

1. The Lantern Tavern
2. LeftBank Wine
3. The Hop Shop
4. The Elk/The Two Seven
5. Zola
6. The Viking

Best Winery

1. Barrister Winery
2. Robert Karl Cellars
3. Townshend Cellar
4. Arbor Crest
5. Latah Creek
6. Caterina Winery

Best Brewery

1. Laughing Dog
2. Northern Lights
3. Golden Hills Brewing Co.
4. Coeur d'Alene Brewing Company

Best Coffee Roaster

1. DOMA Coffee
2. Bumper Crop
3. Thomas Hammer
4. Roast House Coffee
5. 4 Seasons Coffee
6. Craven's Coffee 

Best Restrooms

1. The Davenport
2. Nordstrom Cafe
3. Italia Trattoria (Same restroom as Marron's days)
4. Twigs
5. Churchill's Steakhouse

Best Guilty Pleasure: "Best" of the Lowest Rated Options

1. Pizza Rita
2. The Bulldog (has since changed for the much better)
3. Pizza Pipeline
4. Far West's Restroom
5. Celebrations Cupcakes