Best of Spokane 2013: Overall Votes


So here we are then, your highest ranked spots no matter what category. Which places did you fawn over like affectionate dogs?

Best of Spokane
1 - Veraci
2 - Iron Goat Brewing Company
3 - Flying Goat
4 - Huckleberry's
5 - DOMA Coffee
6 - Coeur Coffee

Does it surprise anyone that Veraci (and «Veraci's KY location») took this one home? There was no contest, and this for a spot without a physical location. For now.

And there are some clear patterns here: Spokane likes its pizza and coffee. Flying Goat hit number three, with Iron Goat sandwiched in between the two places. Pizza and beer make for a good combination.

Likewise it wasn't exactly a shock to see DOMA and Coeur placing in the list here. Spokane's coffee scene has been evolving ever so slowly, and saw good boosts in quality over the last year or so. Both DOMA and Coeur deserve credit for that.

And right in the middle there is Huckleberry's. In that sense the list is a good combination of old and new-ish.

That's about it for our 2013 Best of… Quite the ride it was too, and thanks to all those of you who voted! Once again we saw record numbers, and this time the polls were only open a couple of days.

We reserve the right to look at some of the more non sequitur results over the next month or so. There were, as usual, some... interesting... results all around the various categories.

But that's for another day.