Best of Spokane 2013: Best Restroom and Most Anticipated New Spot


Restrooms and anticipated new spots? I suppose we could make an analogy about how excited you may or may not be about places opening and what it does to you, but eh... The results!

Restaurant restrooms are important. I'm sorry, but that's just a fact. And once again we see the Davenport reign supreme! That should come as a surprise to absolutely no-one. I mean, come on. You could literally eat your meal in there. I'd even argue the food doesn't live up to the quality of the restroom, but that's for another day...

Best Restroom
1 - The Davenport
2 · Churchill's Steakhouse
3 (2) Italia Trattoria
4 (3) Nordstrom Cafe
5 - Twigs
6 (4) Manito Tap House

Only newcomer was Churchill's, which made its debut with a bullet -- that's a telltale sign people really do care about pairing a good facility with a steak. Other than that there was little movement. People find their favorite restrooms and stick with them, and that's fair enough. 

Which bring us to your most anticipated spots -- where will you be dumping your cash next year?

Most Anticipated New Spot
1 · Veraci in the KY
2 · South Perry Brewery
3 · The Wandering Table
4 · Brain Freeze
5 · The Yards: A Bruncheon
6 · NUDO Ramen & Yakitori House

Apparently in Kendall Yards. Veraci, Wandering Table, Brain Freeze, the Yards... Four out of six will be hitting the neighborhood, which all of a sudden will have quite the scene going.

And again, Veraci was far and beyond your favorite choice. I suppose people don't always want to stand in the rain waiting for their pizza... This works out for all of us!

South Perry's new brewery has some good names attached to it, and even though some might claim the brewery scene is a bit over saturated we say the more the merrier!

Tomorrow: Best Casual Eats