Best of Spokane 2013: Best Restaurant


So here we are then. Best Restaurant. What spots did you consider to be the ultimate ones in Spokane? Where did you go, just to come out with your stomachs filled with love and your minds with wonder?

Best Restaurant
1 - Sante
2 - Italia Trattoria
3 (5) Casper Fry
4 - Wild Sage
5 (3) Gordy's
6 · Clover

The answer echoes those of previous years: The usual suspects hit the top five once again, with the only new entry being Clover. We think that is fair enough: Team SpoCOOL would probably also put Sante and Italia Trattoria in the top two Spokane restaurants. Casper Fry certainly is a deserved number three.

And to beat the drum we have beaten so many times this year: The top three here was very very close. In fact, the top six could have gone either which way for a while there.

Which again means these lists are somewhat arbitrary, even though the top six was voted in above and beyond the other entries. This is of course merely a few hundred people's opinion, but then we consider you the people of good taste and (possibly) good manners. That's just how we feel! We will not apologize!

Digression aside: This is a great top six, and one we can get behind. Say what you want about Sante, but the fact remains that they've topped this list three years running. It's the proverbial hat-trick. Thus it's clear that when say what you want, that what is clearly positive, and share in your Sante love fest.

Sometime next week: Top overall votes