Best of Spokane 2013: Best Pizza and Best Bar


Pizza and libations? They go together, right? Seemed like as good of an excuse as any to put them together in the same category. And so we did!

Let's kick it off with Best Pizza...

Best Pizza
1 - Veraci
2 3 Flying Goat
3 2 South Perry Pizza
4 · Fire
5 4 Bennidito's Pizza
6 5 Ferrante's

... where we might as well dump Veraci off the ballot next year. I mean, really. It is so far and beyond your favorite pizza... place-ish (strike the “ish” next year)... that there's no need to include them anymore. Just put it on top and call it the day.

There was generally very little movement on the list with the exception of Fire hitting #4 with a bullet. The former Coeur d'Alene-only spot does pizza a little bit different than most spots around town, and people apparently do appreciate that variety.

Bennidito's? Hey, it's good to see an old Spokane classic still going strong.

As for bars...

Best Bar
1 2 Bon Bon
2 1 Jones Radiator
3 4 Manito Tap House
4 · Saranac
5 - The Lantern Tavern
6 - The Hop Shop

Yet again we saw minimal movement here (is Spokane finally seeing some consistency?) though Bon Bon managed to just inch out Jones. That one came down to the wire, as did Manito and Saranac hitting #3 and #4, putting the Lantern and the Hop Shop back where they sat last year.

It's probably not a bad thing seeing votes running this close. Granted, five out of six are predominantly known for their beer selection, but the high averages do indicate people truly appreciating their individual qualities.

And with a cocktail place besting them all? Somewhat surprising, but definitely not in a bad way.

Tomorrow: Best Bakery and Best Market