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Best of Spokane 2013: Best of Coffee


Well, the voting in our “Best of...” -- or your “Best of…” as it is -- flew past in a flurry this year. Thanks to all of you for voting; the results were very close this year, but in the end we think we saw many worthy winners.

As always we reveal the top six, because why not? A voting scale from one to six, a top six... It's all arbitrary enough to make sense to us.

So let's kick it off with what was possibly the closest category of all...

Best Coffee Shop
1 - Coeur Coffee
2 (4) INDABA Coffee
3 (2) Atticus Coffee and Gifts
4 · Revel 77
5 (6) Cannon Coffee & Cone
6 · Madeleine's Cafe

... which once again put Coeur on top, though it was neck to neck this time around.

INDABA and Coeur kept trading places until Coeur finally took off with a late sprint toward the very end.

Quasi old timer Madeleine's made its debut on the list, though possibly most interesting was a great bullet by Revel. They've only been around for a year, and have evidently already gathered a good fan-base.

As for Coeur and INDABA? I doubt anyone would be too surprised over their top spots. We think they're the two best coffee spots in town, and evidently so do you. The four others held their own, and the results could very well be turned upside down next year.

Best Coffee Roaster
1 - DOMA Coffee
2 · Manners Roasting Company
3 (2) Roast House Coffee
4 · Evans Brothers
5 (3) Anvil Coffee Roasting
6 (5) Bumper Crop

The coffee roaster category was also a close race. Or rather, #2 to #6 fought it out bravely: DOMA hit #1 yet again and dominated throughout the voting. With all its national recognition it truly is a prophet in its own land.

And speaking of prophets: Mr Spokane's Manners Roasting hit number two with a bullet. Roast House and Evans were close for a while, but once again we saw a late sprint toward the top. A well deserved debut by Manners which does not have a very wide distribution network yet.

The coffee scene keeps getting better here in Spokane, and we think your votes reflected that. It doesn't really matter if a spot or roaster placed on top or number nine or wherever. The coffee shop top ten was only separated by one point. (The roasters admittedly by a wider margin: about 2.5 points.)

Tomorrow: Best Winery and Best Brewery.