Best of Spokane 2012: Best Winery & Best Coffee Roaster


Wine and coffee: They make for a good combination. Sort of. Anyway! Let's kick it off with Best Winery!

1 (2) Barrister Winery
2 (1) Robert Karl Cellars
3 - Townshend Cellar
4 (5) Mountain Dome Winery
5 (6) Arbor Crest
6 · Nodland Cellars

Barrister and Robert Karl switches spots yet again; both have been in the top two every year we've run this poll, so I guess it'd be fair to say they're the favorite wineries for at least a subset of Spokane's wine drinkers. And fair enough!

There has been very little movement on the list, generally. Nodland Cellars is the only new entry, replacing Trezzi Farm, while Mountain Dome and Arbor Crest both climb one spot. Spokane apparently knows what wine it likes.

As for coffee roasters, the story plays out in a similar fashion.

1 - DOMA Coffee
2 - Roast House Coffee
3 (4) Anvil Coffee Roasting
4 (5) Thomas Hammer
5 (3) Bumper Crop
6 · 4 Seasons Coffee

DOMA has sat on number one for three years running, always with a wide berth. For the next five it is a tight race, with the same roasters as the previous years dominating.

And you know, that is all a good thing. People are getting very opinionated about their favorite roasters -- anyone paying attention on Twitter will know that -- which is an important part of building a good local coffee culture.

As with any other category, we say try them all, and make up your own mind. Coffee is important, and having an informed opinion only make you a better person.

Next up: Best farmers's market and best restroom.