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Best of Spokane 2012: Best Market and Best Local Product


You go to the market to buy products. That's how we justify lumping these two categories together, and we're sticking to that explanation. So! Best market:

1 (6) Main Market Co-op
2 (1) Rocket Market
3 (4) Huckleberry's
4 (2) JB's
5 (3) Sante Restaurant and Charcuterie
6 · Eggers Meats

Well, what do you know? Main Market climbs five spots to take it home, dethroning Rocket Market, and truly proving the downtown store's gradual improvement has been a hit for most of us. As for Rocket, did the South Hill market's world famous customer service finally catch up with them? Who knows, but it's hard to argue that they have a lot of cool stuff up there, and it was a close fight for the number one spot here.

JB's fell down two spots, also after a lot of chatter about so-so customer service. Other than that there weren't too many surprises here, and good on Main Market for having evolved into the great market it now is.

1 · Brain Freeze's ice cream
2 · Dry Fly spirits
3 · Sweet and Stout
4 · Savor Sweets
5 · Fletcher's Sauce Co hot sauces
6 · Bumble Bars

What did we learn from our first attempt at doing a Best Local Product category? Apparently a lot of you eat Brain Freeze's ice cream and drink Dry Fly's spirits (possibly at the same time even?!), and a lot of you enjoy both of them. Really, they received more votes than the rest of the entries in the category combined, so they're obviously doing something right.

The rest of the top six did receive high scores though, and those who have tried the products like them. It's particularly good to see tiny outfits like Sweet and Stout and Savor Sweets placing so high.

Tomorrow: Best casual eats and best restaurant.