Best of Spokane 2012: Best Farmers's Market and Best Restroom


Let's just kick it off with the Best Farmers's Market...

1 - South Perry Farmers' Market
2 (3) Spokane Farmers' Market
3 (2) Liberty Lake Farmers' Market
4 · North Spokane Farmers Market
5 · Indoor Farmers' Market
6 · Millwood Farmers' Market

South Perry takes it home yet again, third year in a row. With a good neighborhood vibe and quality vendors it really isn't too surprising.

Both Spokane and Liberty Lake came close, and the result for number two and three could easily have flipped. As for the remaining three spots, it was pretty much open season. The vast majority of the votes were cast for the top three, so I suppose those are the ones most people know. Take that as a challenge to check some of the other ones out next year.

As for the really important chart, here are your favorite restrooms!

1 - The Davenport
2 (3) Italia Trattoria
3 (2) Nordstrom Cafe
4 · Manito Tap House
5 (4) Twigs
6 · PF Chang's

I mean, really, there is no competition for the top spot. It's always The Davenport, and fair enough... The restrooms are about as nice as the hotel rooms.

Italia Trattoria and Nordstrom swapped places this year, but it was a close race, and you all apparently enjoy their facilities. Manito hits #4 with a bullet, closely followed by Twigs.

And apparently PF Chang's has something going for it. A nice horse outside and a nice restroom inside. Good for them!