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Best of Spokane 2012: Best Casual Eats and Best Restaurant


So here we are, at the end of another best of, with the two most voted in categories: Best Casual Eats and Best Restaurant. We'll post some more in depth analysis of the voting over the next month, but as far as the actual categories go, this is it. So! Let's kick it off with what you decided to be the best casual spot in Spokane:

1 · Phat Truck
2 · Method Juice Cafe
3 · Boots Bakery & Lounge
4 · Neato Burrito
5 (4) Manito Tap House
6 (3) Chkn-n-Mo

So, wow, four new eateries in the top four, though Neato has, of course, been around for a good while and is only new to the list. Phat Truck takes the top spot home after only being open for a few months; we have yet to try them out, but from what we understand their food truly lives up to the phat claim. And apparently many of you really like it, so good on Phat Truck!

Method might provide the antithesis of phat offerings with its juices and healthy food, and it joins in with Boots to round out a top three of only recently opened spots. Apparently we're not alone in thinking the new wave of restaurants in town have upped their game.

Rounding out the list we have Manito which, be it number five or not number five, is obviously ridiculously popular with the masses. And finally Chkn-n-Mo which has been around forever sits well on number six.

Now, best restaurant:

1 - Sante Restaurant and Charcuterie
2 (5) Italia Trattoria
3 (2) Gordy's
4 - Wild Sage
5 · Casper Fry
6 - Mizuna

We know it; you know it; everybody knows Sante is Spokane's best restaurant, or at least they are right now. Is there much more to say about it, really? Sante has comfortably sat on number one for three years running, and this wasn't even close as far as the scoring went.

But good on Italia Trattoria for climbing up to number two; they really do the best Italian food in town, just like Gordy does the best Chinese. Old timers Wild Sage and Mizuna hang on to their placements from last year, with newcomer Casper Fry hitting number five.

And that's it! Other than Sante, the best restaurant race was a close one, which is good for all of us. Dining options keep improving here, and we are extremely curious how these lists will look next year.