Best of Spokane 2012


So here we are again, our third annual Best of Spokane, where you, the discerning Better Taster, get to vote or, as it really is, score, Spokane's most awesome spots.

For those in need of a reminder, the system is simple: We've picked out a bunch of restaurants, products, and services from around the area, mostly ones we think belong in a poll like this, but also a good dose of random ones.

You score each entry on a scale from one (worst) to six (best!); leave the "-" for any spot you haven't tried or have no opinion about. Cast your scores based on the categories -- many entries are listed in multiple categories. It's all simple, really, so run over and vote now.

We put the poll out on Twitter yesterday, and the scores are already showing some good variations from the previous two years. Make your voice heard! Vote! It's your civic duty!