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Best of Spokane 2011: Have your say


They had their say, and what they said sucked. Therefore we're repeating the success from last year: You, the Better Tasters of Spokane, can have your say and decide what really is the Best of Spokane, as far as food and libations go!

Like last year the voting system is a bit different than most "best ofs" and we think it's more fair too:

We've picked out the categories and, with your help, the nominees. You don't vote for spots, you score them all between one (:( worst) and six (:D best). Just leave the "-" for any place you haven't visited or you don't have any opinions about.

You'll have to type in your e-mail address at the end, but don't worry, it will not be given away to anyone.

That's it! Hundreds proved they were Better Tasters last year, so let's see how it goes down this year. We'll reveal the results in a couple of weeks.

Go vote!