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Best of Spokane 2011: Best Restaurant


Well, what do you know, changes abound, yet the number one stays the same.

1 - Sante
2 (3) Gordy's
3 (2) Latah Bistro
4 (5) Wild Sage
5 · Italia Trattoria
6 (4) Mizuna

Was there any doubt? I mean, really? There are a couple of establishments in Spokane -- and we mean almost literally a couple -- that gets it so right they are a consistent joy to frequent. Sante is not only part of that club, it is likely the chairperson.

We love Sante and you, the voter, apparently do too. Sante deserves the number one spot here, there is no doubt about that.

The fight for number two went down to the wire, but in the end it was Gordy's -- somewhat surprisingly perhaps? -- that took it home, just in front of Latah Bistro. It was close, and both places are among the few in this town that everyone should have to check out. Even if they don't want to they should. Force your friends or family if that's what it takes.

The only newcomer on the list is Italia Trattoria, and a welcome addition it is. Few restaurants in town does Italian well, and the arrival of Italia Trattoria a year and a half-ish ago has, obviously, made many people happy.

So there it is, the top six which also includes Wild Sage and Mizuna. We think you should check them all out, of course, and make your own mind up, but it's hard to argue that Sante truly is the best restaurant in Spokane.

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