Best of Spokane 2011: Best of the Inland Northwest


Let's just for giggles have a look at what you consider the best of the Inland Northwest. You know. No categories, just the highest scoring places, the spots you really loved, mano-a-mano, giving it all, kicking dirt in each-other's faces...

1 - Sante
2 - DOMA
3 - Veraci
4 - South Perry Pizza
5 - Jones Radiator
6 - Rocket Market

Sante is not just the best restaurant in Spokane according to you, it is the best food-related establishment, period. Which it really is. Only a handful of restaurants in town are consistently great, and Sante is certainly on top of that heap, while doubling as a charcuterie.

Close behind -- very close, in fact -- were DOMA and Veraci. Surprising? Not at all. One roasts the best coffee beans in the region, the other makes the best pizza. Both are on top of their respective categories, and neither are merely "good by Spokane standards".

Proof positive that Spokane loves its pizza, South Perry Pizza made a strong showing at number four, closely followed by your favorite bar, Jones Radiator. Rocket Market, the region's best market, rounds out the list.

We could have made this list larger than just the top six, as it was a close race, but really, we do think these spots illustrate some of the best in Spokane. We don't see any reason why they wouldn't all -- well... -- be part of your rotation.

And with that we end this year's Best of Spokane, though we'll be back with some hard hitting analysis of the numbers, too. Thanks to everyone who voted, and for those establishments that requested a... plaque, poster, whatever we come up with... to proudly display, we will send those out soon. In fact, it's not too late to get one, just mail us at and we'll hook you up.