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Best of Spokane 2011: Best Markets and Best Farmers Markets


We are a culture of consumerists, despite what some like to think. Hey, that's life, and why not spend your hard earned cash at awesome spots as opposed to not-so-awesome places? Like, a farmers' market for example:

1 - South Perry
2 (3) Liberty Lake
3 (2) Spokane
4 - Millwood
5 · Montford
6 · Morgan Acres

South Perry once again took the top spot, with Liberty Lake edging Spokane out. What do the top two farmers' markets have in common? Veraci serves their pizza at both places. (Foreshadowing?!)

Spokane is missing one large farmers' market which is pretty common elsewhere, but as it stands, it's hard to argue with these smaller neighborhood alternatives.

Farmers aside, as far as the brick and mortar markets go...

1 - Rocket Market
2 · JB's
3 · Sante
4 (3) Bottles
5 (4) Huckleberry's
6 (2) Main Market Co-op

This literally came down to the last vote, and JB's, the northside beer (and wine) store, was close to scoring a major upset. In the end, though, Rocket managed to cling on to its number one spot. People have apparently also discovered that Sante is pretty awesome also as a market (foreshadowing?!).

Frankly all six markets should be in anybody's rotation. They carry great stuff, and are all just a little bit different from eachother, even when they might seem very similar.