Best of Spokane 2011: Best Guilty Pleasures


Oh yes, you love it, all those guilty pleasures. So let's kick off with the important stuff, the lowest rated restrooms in Spokane:

1 - Spokane Arena
2 - Vien Dong
3 - The Blue Spark
4 - Andy's Bar
5 - Savory
6 - PF Chang's

It was down to the wire here, and The Blue Spark was close to taking it home, but a viral campaign to name it the best restroom in the area knocked it down. Frankly, is there a worse restroom in the area than Spokane Arena? Does anyone like to walk in urine? Probably not, so a well deserved win here.

Now, which places do you love to score low?

1 · Service Station
2 · Pizza Pipeline
3 · Sushi Track
4 (1) Pizza Rita
5 · Savory

Has Pizza Rita improved? Has the Pipeline gotten that much worse? Or is this simply the case of you thinking the Fox News-spewing Service Station being every bit as bad as we think it is?

Say what you want about the five lowest rated options in our poll, but you sure scored them low, and number six was not even close to touching them (hence why we in all fairness is not listing it here). Yet I'm sure you as us will order a pizza from the Pipeline within the next year, because, frankly, sometimes you just need that cardboard crust to take you back. Back to a simple time.