Best of Spokane 2011: Best Bar


Here it is, the first category of our best of...: Best Bar! Hundreds of you voted, so let's just jump straight into it and see what you consider the best bars in Spokane:

1 · Jones Radiator
2 (3) The Hop Shop
3 · Bon Bon
4 (1) The Lantern Tavern
5 (4) The Elk/The Two Seven
6 · Brews on Washington
7 (6) The Viking
8 (5) Zola
9 · nyNe Bar and Bistro

(We chose to do a top nine here, because nyNe was number nine. Get it? Nine? It's hilarious.)

And hitting number one with a bullet is Jones Radiator, a bar that opened just after last year's voting, and one that has quickly become the stop of choice for the region's beer nerds.

In fact, if you want to look at things that have improved in Spokane over the past few years, we have obviously turned into a town that respects quality beer. Jones, The Hop Shop, The Lantern, The Elk/Two Seven, Brews on Washington, The Viking.... Six out of ten here are pretty much all about beer, good beer. Even Zola has a respectable selection.

Other things of interest: Last year's number one fell down three places in what was a close race, and high class liquor spot Bon Bon, made its SpoCOOL debut at number three. Brews on Washington, which has been opened the shortest amount of time of the bars on this list made an impressive debut in the top six. 

So there you have it, the people have spoken: We love Jones, and the libation of choice for many is a good quality beer. We can get behind that.

Tomorrow we'll continue the best of... with Best Winery and Best Brewery.

PS: A lot of establishments asked for plaques/diplomas/certificates to show they were voted among the best establishments in Spokane. If you're on of the spots listed, and you're interested, e-mail and we'll hook you up.