Best of Cheap Eats and Pizza 2010


Best Pizza

1. Veraci
2. South Perry Pizza
3. Bennidito's Pizza
4. Flying Goat
5. Europa
6. David's Pizza 

It was down to the bone, but the traveling pizzeria, Veraci, took it home in the end. We haven't tried the Spokane location(s), but if the Seattle branch is anything to go by, we more than respect the voters on this one. South Perry Pizza, our pick last year for best pie, came in as a close second.

Bennidito's is, alongside David's, kind of an institution in Spokane, and we weren't surprised to see them both doing well. Flying Goat is still a relatively new spot, and we're guessing it will amass a greater following as time passes. It is a SpoCOOL Favorite.

Europa is one of the few places in the region that does Northern European style pizzas the right way, and is kind of underrated in that sense, so fifth place is respectable.

Best Cheap Eats

1. Froyo Earth
2. Market St Bistro
3. El Mercado del Pueblo
4. Picabu Bistro
5. De Leon Foods
6. D Lish's

Spokane was missing a good, cheap dessert place downtown, and it's hard to argue that Froyo Earth wasn't awesome when the summer hit its hottest point. 

More surprising was the relatively low profile Market St Bistro hitting #2. It goes to show how well a cheap Italian-style eatery can do with something as simple as rustic good food. As for Mexican places, we had kind of expected De Leon to win this whole category, but it had to see itself beaten by newcomer El Mercado del Pueblo. 

Meanwhile, Spokane old-timers Picabu and D Lish's still holds a place in people's memory, both hitting the top 6.

Tomorrow: Best Restaurant