Best of 2008


So it’s that time of year. The time when the Spokane Food Blog Editorial Board™ (SFBEB™ for short) takes off for a week, to do some heavy food-style Tripping, and when we won’t post until next year. Yes, that’s a week without us, and it’s horrible, we know. We leave you, however, with the inaugural SFB Best of ‘08 list. Have a good rest of ‘08!

The SPECIAL stuff…

Best Mexican place you had forgotten about because of De Leon
Hey, we’re not pointing any fingers, we love De Leon. But let’s not forget there are other Mexican places in Spokane that are quite excellent, and they don’t receive the love they deserve. Take Taqueria Guerrero, which is sort of the Toto to De Leon’s Steely Dan. Sure Steely Dan is the king, but who can not see the greatness of “Africa”? Guerrero might, in fact, one-up De Leon in some aspects. It’s certainly more affordable, their tortas are the best in the region, and their vegetarian burritos are great even for carnivores. Give Guerrero a shot. They’re awesome.

Best place a carnivore can be in heaven while holding hands with a vegetarian
Mizuna might be what jumps into most people’s minds here, but there is a great alternative, and a charcuterie at that. That Sante is so versatile might surprise some, but give it a chance and you will be impressed. You can enjoy a trio of cold-cuts with the “Butchers Board” while your vegetarian friend can dig into tofu baked in phyllo. The latter is, in fact, amazing. Truly fantastic. Everybody should run to Sante—it’s definitely Spokane’s best new restaurant of ‘08.

The place that literally made “Hershey” a cuss word
Literally! We love OMO and want to marry it. Run over right now and try the eggnog truffle or the caramel. Or anything else they have. OMO = love.

Best Spokane food blog
You’re reading it! But also go and look at the bottom of the site for a bunch of links we recommend, From the Back Kitchen to Burger, Revised.

Dessert you really need to try before you die
The pumpkin bread pudding from Latah Bistro. It’s on the menu right now, so stop reading this and go try some.

Grocery store you will love
OK, so it won’t (nor should it) stop you from going to Huckleberry’s or Fresh Abundance or even Safeway, but the Grocery Outlet is always interesting. Go in, browse the aisles, and you’ll find stuff you didn’t think existed. But apparently it does.

The standard stuff…

Best restaurant… Mizuna
Best local beer… Northern Lights
Best espresso… Lindaman’s
Best Mexican… De Leon
Best Korean… Kim’s Korean Restaurant
Best pesto… The Barn on Trezzi Farm
Best subs… Sub Division
Best restaurant that burned down… Churchill’s :(
Best pizza… Ferrante’s
Best vodka… 44 Degrees North Mountain Huckleberry