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Bennidito's for wings


Bennidito's for wings cover

Note: This is the hot wing review, not the full review of Bennidito's.

I think the word "average" is underrated in many cases. Duran Duran, for example, is, in my mind, pretty average, but I still enjoy their music just fine. It's not something I'd turn off when they're played on the radio, yet I wouldn't pay $150 to see them live either. "Average" can merely mean "safe and dependable" and sometimes that is just OK.

Bennidito's hot wings are average in that Duran Duran sense of the word. These aren't wings you'd write haikus about, but they can be enjoyed for what they are, then swiftly forgotten about until you all of a sudden have a craving for them once again.

Duran Duran actually makes a living off that kind of craving.

There is no spiciness level to choose from here. (For the wings, that is, not Duran Duran.) You get the wings as they are, and they're actually not too bad flavor wise. Not that they're difficult to eat, not even remotely, but there's a tingle of spice to them. The consistency is fine, in the sense that the texture isn't mushy, yet without much of a bite either.

As opposed to some, the sauce nicely coats the wings, without dripping off.

And at $6 for eight of them, they're a good deal for what really is a full meal in itself. Bonus point for using blue cheese instead of ranch dressing.

Average wings, then, aren't bad. Bennidito's wings can safely be ordered and enjoyed, but the impact won't be a lasting one.