Become a Main Market Co-op member


If you were a member of Main Market Co-op’s Facebook group —and why on earth wouldn’t you be—you would already know about the “thank you gifts” the co-op is offering if you sign up for a membership before December 31st (prices vary greatly, so check which one fits you best):

  • Revival Lighting (14 W. Main) – 10% off coupon

  • The Elk (1931 W. Pacific) or Two Seven (2727 S. Mt. Vernon) Public House – $5.00 gift certificate

  • Spokane Metro magazine – complimentary copy

  • Kizuri (35 W. Main) – locally handcrafted & gorgeous bar of soap

  • aNeMonE Handmade Paper Flowers (Riverpark Square, 2nd level) – free gift with $40 or greater purchase

  • Sante Restaurant & Charcuterie (404 W. Main) – 50% off second dinner entree

  • Hill’s Restaurant & Lounge (401 W. Main) – $10.00 gift certificate

  • Tangerine Boutique (1019 W. 1st) – 10% off coupon

The co-op is scheduled to open sometime 2009 (Fall last I heard, but that has been removed from the front-page of the web site) and will bring an awesomeness to Spokane only seen in metropolitan areas like Moscow. It will be located at 44 W Main Ave, downtown, where Good Year is currently residing.


Speaking of Facebook group, you should totally join our group too. We will always be your friend! Your best friend!